March 5, World Energy Efficiency Day

World Energy Efficiency Day aims to highlight the importance of the intelligent and responsible use of energy


World Energy Efficiency Day has been celebrated every March 5 since 1998. The objective of this commemoration is to raise awareness about the need for humanity to use more rationally and intelligently the available natural and energy resources. In addition, it’s a favourable framework for carrying out concrete actions from the individual level, which contribute to energy saving and, therefore, to the preservation of the environment.


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What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency, on the one hand, refers to the necessary transformation of our standards and consumption habits in search of a more rational and appropriate use of natural resources and energy, without affecting our comfort and lifestyle. On the other hand, energy efficiency stands up for the research, design and implementation of sustainable energy models that include different renewable sources of energy generation, which help to minimize or cancel the use of fossil fuels.

In addition, it implies the implementation of global strategies to reduce the energy required to develop products and provide services. Thus, it supports the idea of increasing the efficiency of development and production processes, introducing intelligent technology, procedures, algorithms and innovative methods that limit energy waste.

The energy efficiency scheme defends the inclusion of sustainable natural sources to generate renewable energy. For example; the use of carbon neutral fuel, the conservation, cogeneration, microgeneration and storage of energy, as well as the use of sustainable means of transport, whether electric, green or hybrid.


Why is World Energy Efficiency Day celebrated?

The origin of World Energy Efficiency Day dates back to 1998, when the first International Conference on Energy Efficiency took place, held in Austria. Leaders and representatives from 50 countries met at the meeting, together with around 350 experts in the field in order to exchange ideas, projects and experiences as well as create viable solutions that would allow us to face the energy crisis.

In this same framework, it is agreed to create a day in favour of energy saving, recognized worldwide. The objective was to emphasize the importance of the intelligent and responsible use of energy to conserve our ecosystems, their species and the human race itself, as well as to increase the global actions which contribute directly to this purpose.


The importance of living sustainably

It is necessary to have in mind that improving energy efficiency, making the most of energy, brings benefits that go from the personal to the collective level. Reducing energy consumption and replacing generation from fossil fuels with sustainable sources help reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, toxic gases and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It is one of the most prominent causes of global warming and climate change on our planet.

Likewise, in different countries of the world, energy efficiency is considered as an issue that affects their national security. Precisely, it is because when we take advantage and reduce consumption and incorporate new sources to obtain renewable energy, then it is possible to conserve national energy resources and reduce the rates of energy imports from other countries.

Furthermore, for the business sector and for individuals, that is, for all demanders and direct consumers of energy, their rational use contributes to reducing costs. This favours financial savings and economic viability.


What concrete actions can we implement to conserve the planet?

Energy efficiency is a matter that concerns us all. Thanks to its implementation, we can contribute; it doesn’t matter where we are located. It is an issue that must be prioritized not only at the national level, from the industrial sector or transportation, but from each home.

Therefore, for any type of policy focused on energy efficiency to be successful, the involvement of the whole of society is necessary. In this sense, our own house is the ideal place to start making transformations that allow us to minimize electricity consumption and make effective use of natural resources.

Among the measures that we can begin to implement in favour of the fight for the conservation of the planet, are:

  • Place elements properly, such as windows and skylights in our homes that allow us to take better advantage of natural light during the day in interior areas. Thus avoiding the excessive use of lamps.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with similar energy-saving or energy-saving solutions, including those that make use of LED technology or fluorescent lights.
  • Make an intelligent and rational use for heating and cooling systems and technologies in homes, as well as choose the correct boiler and the thermal insulation of the building
  • Incorporate a solar thermal energy storage system that helps make hot water available for a long time. Install volumetric or flow rate reducers to reduce water flow in showers, taps, and wash-downs.
  • Turn off the unnecessary lights.
  • Unplug all electrical equipment and appliances when they are not in use, including computers, televisions, and cell phone chargers.
  • Opt for bicycle transport or use public transport.

In short, there are a lot of things that we can do in favour of energy efficiency. At Glancing EYE we stand up for the responsible use of energy in our facilities and apply sustainability criteria in our Interior Design projects. Find out what you can do to be more efficient from an energy point of view.

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