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If you are a company or furniture factory that sells products or decoration accessories, don’t think twice, get in touch with us.

In Glancing EYE we believe that it is very useful to work and collaborate with other companies because it helps both parties to promote and improve their services. For this reason, we are always ready to incorporate new businesses into our catalogue of collaborators, in order to work together and create a unique and exclusive service for clients.

We offer you the option of including in our online furniture catalogue all your furniture products, decoration and any accessory that a client may need to design their home. In this way, users from all over Europe will be able to select them and use them in their designs through our 3D interior design service.

Brand growth and value

Opportunities and more possibilities

Customer loyalty


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Our creative process always begins with your preferences.

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With the guarantee of Glancing EYE Co. We are a business group that promotes Interior Design, 3D Modelling and Rendering projects all over the world. We also manage one of the largest Stocks of 3D Models on the market and we have recently launched Glanava®, our online store for furniture and decoration items.

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