March 5, World Energy Efficiency day

March 5, World Energy Efficiency Day

World Energy Efficiency Day reminds us of the importance to make a smarter use of energy. Find out what you can do on a personal level.
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Sustainable Workplace

An eco-friendly & sustainable workplace means well-being

Working in a sustainable workplace promotes personal well-being. A happy employee is a more productive employee.
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Ecological Furniture

The Big Bet on the Ecological Furniture

Little by little, ecological furniture is gaining ground from the hand of responsible companies and artisans who apply sustainability criteria in its production.
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Think before priting

Think Before Printing

From Glancing EYE we promote the responsible use of paper, both internally and through our awareness campaigns. Think before printing.
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Reform House Energy efficiency

Renovate your Home to Increase your Energy Efficiency

Are you going to renovate your home? Why do not you apply the following energy efficiency criteria?
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