3D Modelling Outsuorcing

Advantages of Outsourcing the 3D Modelling Service

The 3D Modelling Outsourcing has many advantages. In this article we review the most outstanding advantages and their influence on the current business situation.
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VR Shopping by Natuzzi

VR Shopping: Natuzzi goes to the next level

VR Shopping: Natuzzi takes a step forward to lead the market with its new project based on the use of Virtual Reality
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Office Design

Office Design, Comfort and Productivity

Office Design is a growing specialty. Applying it correctly can make the difference between a space that invites you to produce and another that does not.
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Furniture Industry

The Furniture Industry Faces a Future without Brands

What is the current context of brands in the furniture industry? Let's take a look at the landscape since the last acquisitions of Authentic Brands Group
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Think before priting

Think Before Printing

From Glancing EYE we promote the responsible use of paper, both internally and through our awareness campaigns. Think before printing.
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NYCxDESIGN: News for 2020 (Suspended)

The annual event of NYCxDESIGN defends the main role that represents New York City in the production of international trends
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Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration: More than Choosing Curtains

Interior Decoration is a specialty whose practice requires a great range of knowledge regarding new trends, styles and art.
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Immersive technology

Immersive Technologies, Another Way to See the World

Immersive technologies are changing the way we see the world. In this article we review its main uses and applications
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Advertising 3D visualization

3D Visualization for Marketing: A New Paradigm

Important changes are happening in the field of 3D visualization for Marketing. In this post, we review the most prominent ones.
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