3D Infographics for Furniture

Reducing costs and time of any process in a company represents an objective in itself


So, the reason why the main furniture manufacturers use 3D infographics is another consequence of their concerns regarding optimization and cost cutting. In this case, it is a sweet consequence as finally clients are the ones who win.

This incredible alternative to photography is the best way to develop samples with specific furniture in different environments (especially those which are ordered by clients). 3D modelling helps to digitise any reference from the manufacturer and locate it where necessary, with the possibility of varying its colour, lighting effects and, of course, the environment itself.


How does it work?

First of all, the furniture or decoration item is created as a 3D model. In this way, it is easy to control all the factors which involve a design, such us sizes, colours, textures and materials. Subsequently, all the aspects regarding space where the sample will be located are developed.

With the 3D infographics technique, any advertising challenge can be achieved with a low budget. The computer support removes the need to equip sales facilities with an authentic photographic studio, as it was done in the past. Furthermore, the need of hiring experts on photography, lighting and interior decoration, is another reason why this technology is the future to exhibit products, although it is not the only way.


Studio 3D Infographics

Say goodbye to the studio


Advantages of working with 3D infographics

Here below we explain other important advantages.


Less technical requirements

With this technique, tripods and low angle cameras are not needed. Detailed plans can be obtained from different corners, distances and perspectives without buying/renting expensive equipment.


It helps to manufacture

Forgetting its commercial value, this resource is very useful for new digitised manufacturing processes. As for example the most important ones: 3D printing, injection moulding techniques, the use of CNC milling machines and laser cutter.

In this sense, manufacturers depend less and less on big productions and are more focused on reducing storage costs, by producing only what clients order upon request from digital 3D models.


It is ideal for online stores

With the increase in infographics, many furniture and decoration online stores have used in their sites 3D interactive files. In this way, clients can manipulate and know the product virtually.

On the other hand, through 3D models, market studies can be carried out according to those products on which clients are more satisfied and whose changes can be done without using a huge amount of resources.

Undoubtedly 3D infographics has already become an essential tool for the furniture promotion.



If you do not want to stay behind in this race to seduce the audience of the new digital era, get on with it and digitise your catalog.

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