Do Not Ignore your Bathroom, Take Care of the King of Home

Surely you are tired of seeing bathroom furniture from the Soviet era because your landlord left them to you, or you bought them 20 years ago in a street market. However, this space deserves the same attention as the rest of our decoration. After all, the vast majority of people agree about “there is no place like home”.

In this way, although there are some spaces in our homes where we spend more time, we need to recognise that bathroom is the home’s king without any doubt. However we always forget to add new bathroom decoration in this space.

So, we believe that it is essential to take a little time to redecorate this special and necessary room. And a great change is the fact of including new furniture. But also some modifications in order to get a more adapted environment to current times.


Increase the space; get comfort; transform you bathroom

It is true that sometimes bathrooms do not offer so much space to create a spa and maybe that’s the reason why we need to take advantage of each centimeter. It does not matter if you have a fully-equipped bathroom or a small toilet, in Glancing EYE Catalogue you will find a lot of items. They will  help you to organize and gain space. Also you could be able to change your bathroom furniture to renovate completely your style.

All bathrooms have walls

In effect, when we talk about space, so many times we forgot that this can be found in walls, especially when there are not more floor tiles to be used. If you add elements like cupboards or any modular shelving, you can take advantage of this useless and empty space in your bathroom but without saturating it.


3D Design Bathroom Decoration


On the other side, you can increase the space by using shallow cupboards (and shelving) some bathroom furniture, hanging sinks or even wall-mounted toilets. 

Going overboard

The most logical thing for choosing your bathroom decoration  is to consider getting some new elements which fill up the old ones. You can also add new bathroom furniture or accessories, such as mirrors, hangers, lighting, etc. But if you are up to your neck, you can go overboard and change all. In our bathroom furniture section you will find a huge number of articles which can convert your bathroom to the king of home.

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