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3D Modelling for Furniture Catalogues

3D Technology gives the opportunity to appreciate real furniture from different angles, change colour, combine them with other elements, as well as appreciate the smallest details


All areas of the global market are being updated and, in this sense, the furniture sector is not an exception. Thus, in order to not be delayed in their competitive battle, many manufacturers and marketing companies have choosen 3D Furniture Modelling to create their catalogues of products.

In this way, the use of 3D Models in online catalogues makes this sales framework more attractive. As well as it’s a more reliable source than the visual presentation of references in 2D images. And today, it is possible to offer more content. 3D technology gives customers the opportunity to see the furniture of their choice from different angles, change colour, combine them with other elements, as well as appreciate the smallest details.


3D Furniture Modelling: Another way to create catalogues of products


Many furniture manufacturers and online stores use web platforms to show their products. But what if they could do even more? Of course technology can do it. This is why 3D Modelling is more and more present in the creation of virtual catalogues.

The fundamental advantages of this cutting-edge creative process are:

  • Provides clarity. People can’t see every little detail on a flat picture. 3D Model provides more options to show the items from different angles and distance.
  • Modern and imposing. It helps manufacturers to stay trendy and open new ways for developing. You can’t win a race if you don’t move. Moreover, this service increase the value and reputation of a company.
  • Greater choice. It is probably the most important advantage for manufacturers. They can offer a wider range of excellent quality products for each customer based on all the fundamental preferential components.


3D Chair Benlliure&Baixauli LCP Kartell

Chair Benlliure & Baixauli LCP Kartell 3D Model


Support resource for Augmented Reality solutions


The 3D Modelling of furniture has also been disclosed as an important resource in commercial augmented reality projects. The use of applications that allow displaying products from the product catalogue in 3D environments generated in real time has revolutionized not only the furniture sector, but also the entertainment, marketing or advertising sector. In short, the way of understanding a digital catalogue has changed. Providing alternatives as attractive as having the elements that compose it and visualizing them within our own home.


Low Cost Marketing 


Having a digital portfolio of 3D replicas of the products in question offers great marketing opportunities: furniture manufacturers no longer need to have a photo studio to get the advertising material. On the contrary, and through the assistance of 3D Interior Design, they can create their own 3D visualizations by integrating their references in customized environments.

Meanwhile, retailers have also taken advantage of the benefits of managing their 3D catalogue, as they can satify the needs of their customers during the sales process



In Glancing EYE we can be in charge of 3D Modelling process of any reference. We assume large volumes of work. Be in contact with our commercial department.

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