Office Design, Comfort and Productivity

The well-being and comfort of workers are taken into account throughout the design phase


Office Design is a growing specialty. By creating more comfortable and functional professional spaces, different kind of companies have increased the productivity of their work teams and they are able to seduce new talents in a better way.

Many entrepreneurs confirm this: well-being means productivity. The distribution of work environments greatly influences the mood of workers. This, in turn, concerns directly their productivity and therefore the efficiency of the organization.


Office Design should promote well-being of workers

Nowadays, current trends in interior design for professional spaces are focused on the needs of people who work in such spaces. The well-being and comfort of workers are taken into account throughout the design phase. This thinking is very different if we compare it with the approaches from last century, which put more emphasis on normalization or were more focused on brightness.

In this sense, large spaces can affect the perception of the position of each employee. Or for example, when there is a separation between jobs, autonomy is enhanced. On the other hand, when space is not a problem, common and shared places are usually enabled to promote good relations, communication and cooperation among workers.

It is also very usual to find offices with a flexible arrangement of furniture. These are mobile solutions that make it possible to create a large boardroom table in record time and divide it into individual positions with the same speed. In these cases, interaction is favoured, and at the same time, each worker has its own privacy. In short, these are spaces that stimulate teamwork and promote a good work environment.

Another of the most cutting-edge aspects that have been implemented in companies is to set up spaces with elements for distracting and taking care of the employee’s health. For example, there are many companies that have a gym or a medical point. These additional resources contribute to improve the predisposition to work of the employees as well as the general valuation of the company.

The brightness of professional spaces helps to make a difference in terms of efficiency. Today, the use of natural light is promoted in any corner of the office, especially in the collective work spaces.

In summary, if we include the well-being of employees in our office design, it motivates an increase of their productivity and encourages their performance throughout the day.



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