VR Shopping: Natuzzi goes to the next level

The use of immersive experiences “helps them form an emotional connection to their choices

Immersive technologies are successfully applied in a large number of sectors. Now its use is extended to furniture stores to facilitate the process of purchasing items. In this sense, the VR Shopping concept is gaining strength. This is a new way of breaking traditional standards when buying. Many companies are using this new technique: one of them is Natuzzi.

This furniture firm, the largest in Italy, was created in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi. It is a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of armchairs, sofas, accessories and other furniture elements.

Despite the fact of being an old school initiative, Natuzzi is beginning a new era of customer service by offering a shopping experience based on Virtual Reality. This technology allows customers to “enter” a digital version of their home and decorate it with the pieces of this brand.


VR Shopping by Natuzzi

Natuzzi Augmented Store in NY


According to the creative director of the firm, Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the use of immersive experiences “helps them form an emotional connection to their choices”. It also allows customers to clear up their doubts about their acquisitions in the same moment.

Now, you can already enjoy the Natuzzi Augmented Store in the showroom that the brand has on Madison Avenue (NY).


VR Shopping by Natuzzi

Users use the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headphones to observe furniture in their environment and can interact with the space, move products, change colors, etc.

To recreate the house of the interested people, Natuzzi uses photographs, sketches, CAD files or any other material that allows them to generate a reliable 3D representation. This process takes place before the customer go to the store. Environments have basic architectural elements such as doors, walls, windows, floors, ceilings, but some personal decoration may also be included.


Augmented Reality Options

Natuzzi also introduces an AR experience. By using a headset, the consumer can see objects of their choice superimposed on their own home environments, as well as change finishes or colors.

In any case, the company is betting more strongly on VR and hopes to offer an experience that fully immerses the customer in a quality digital framework.

Natuzzi hopes to introduce the VR shopping in all its stores at the end of 2020. With this action, they hope to reduce their physical spaces and carry fewer items. We will see where this innovative way leads them.


The furniture sales sector is now in its most successful moment: enjoy the benefits of the immersive era.

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