The Career of the 3D Artist: Specialties

3D artists represent the current talent base that allows us to enjoy images, videos and other formats in 3D


The 3D artist, today, is a highly demanded professional. And people who work in this field can specialize in different branches. In each case, the choice depends on the tastes and interests of each one or other factors, such as labour demand.


3D Product Animation by Glancing EYE


3D Artist Specialties

Among the competences in the hands of the most outstanding 3D artists, we can find the following ones:

  • 3D Modelling: it’s focused on the design and development, through specialized programs, of 3D models for different industries, including film, architecture, videogames or television.
  • Conceptual 3D artist: These professionals work on the design of creative illustrations for video games, comics or movies using specialized software that allow the design of different environments, characters or creatures in line with the instructions of the modellers and composers.
  • 3D Animation: This branch is in charge of creating animated digital images that have application in almost all present visual fields and are widely used in marketing and other industries.
  • 3D Motion Capture: Their mission is to create 3D characters for movies or TV shows that move or have the same behaviour as users. In addition, these artists are very useful for performing representations for other areas such as sports, medicine or robotics.
  • Character artist: These professionals create characters for video games or for company promotional campaigns.
  • Environmental artist: Their main work is to design interior and exterior spaces. In addition to modelling, they are responsible for lighting, texturing, composition and other arrangements necessary to develop different environments, which seem as real as possible.
  • Graphic designer in motion: They are specialized in the development of animated images or logos, as well as moving texts for advertising, film, television or video game campaigns.
  • Visual Effects: Artists who choose this specialty work to create animations and motion graphics.


In short, a 3D artist can apply his skills in different industries, among which video games, cinema, advertising, medicine or robotics stand out. Currently, their importance is beyond any doubt and they are the talent base that allows us to enjoy images, videos and other formats in 3D.

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