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5 Benefits of 3D Tour for Real Estate Business

Sales are estimated to increase up to 64% when using 3D technology


Times change, there is no doubt, and businesses in the Real Estate sector have realized that they need to be adapted to new consumer habits. Printed news and advertising are falling into disuse as only 20% of people continue using them. This circumstance makes the 3D tour essential to show their properties in a more effective way.

The Pew Research Centre, an institution who works on studying and analysing media, carried out some studies which showed that 57% of public uses TV for being informed and 38% uses Internet and social networks. This coincides with a change in the communication paradigm. Now people are increasingly choosing electronic media, even when they need to make advertising presentations or show products.

For this reason, 3D tour becomes one of the best tools to commercialise and promote the sale or rent of properties.


3D Tour Pros

3D Presentations are more friendly


5 Reasons to go over 3D tour


Here below we will develop five arguments to explain why 3D presentations have become an essential tool for real estate specialists, as well as architects, engineers and interior designers.

1. 3D Tour is infinitely more attractive to customers

A 3D tour can show the dimensions of a space in a more realistic way than a plane, drawing or even 2D presentation. Thus, customers can explore and see their project from different angles and scales; which allows them to clear up any doubts.

2. 3D Presentations are more friendly

Many potential clients are not familiar with technical terms and measures. In a 3D presentation, it is much easier to understand and feel the project. You can know exactly its features, advantages and limitations.

In addition, visual resources in 3D show details with more precision. Therefore, customer can make a meticulous review of the special features of a property.

3. Errors and improvements can be detected in advance

3D Tour is not only useful for buyers, but also it allows architects, engineers or designers to detect possible mistakes or potential improvements that could be undertaken before starting its construction. This helps to save time, money and efforts.

4. Customising projects

Designs in the 21st century are characterised by tailor-made and custom works. 3D tour allow buyers to order specific modifications according to their needs. Using 3D resources will harmonize the expectations of both seller and client, in an easier way.

5. 3D Tours help to increase the success of marketing campaigns

One of the most prominent advantages of 3d tours is that they can be showed not only in face-to-face interaction but also in television commercials and advertising videos.

In addition, it improves the communication between salesperson and customer. In fact, sales are estimated to increase up to 64% when using 3D technology.



To finish, we remind you that our design department is specialised on 3D tours. They can help you to change your client acquisition strategy in Real Estate.

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