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What we can do in 3D?

  • More than 10000 products
  • Access to the largest 3D Modelling platform
  • Items that you buy are stored in your profile. Get them whenever you want
What make us different?


Our company is not a usual design studio. We offer our customers
a wide range of innovative approaches to design and decor their homes
and all for an affordable price. In our workflow we use the most modern technologies.
And these things let us make a high-quality and well thought out design which can satisfy your needs.


The price does not depend on the square meters. Choose your style and develop your space as an individual project.

360º Views

You can see your design in 360 degrees, from any angle or distance, like if you were inside, to discover all the corners. 

Save Time

3D modelling makes the process easier and faster. You do not have to search and pay for additional services.

Virtual Reality

A large-scale innovative service – you can go across your new house and modify your design, as in a videogame.

Without makeover

There is no need to break down the walls or buy furniture. Virtual designs let you see how would look your new room.

More than 10 styles

We offer lot of different decor styles and each one is made individually and customized with your ideas.

Do you need a new design?

Contact us and visualize your space

Upload photos

We only need a few photos of your space to start a new design 

Specify your tastes

Tell us about your favourite style or furniture that you would like to see

Get your design

Receive and enjoy your design in 3D, 360º view or Virtual Reality


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