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Where Can I Download 3D Models for my Interior Decoration Works?

During this last decade we have seen the increasing demand of services to digitise spaces; so having in mind this, we can say that nowadays the most basic priority for many professionals in this field is to download 3D models. As they need to offer a greater degree of realism in their works.

Although it is true that there are some sites where you can buy certain items for free, neither their quality nor the diversity of related elements allows to sustain a true creative activity without limitations, which is something that undoubtedly affects the general opinion of the final customer.

On the other hand, the need for covering different styles and decoration in your environments by using fresh elements requires a stock specialized on interior decoration assisted by experts, who are at the same time in contact with manufacturers and furniture design studios.


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Some of our clients come to us after visiting other platforms whose catalogue does not have all the necessary items to complete an interior decoration project. Or these elements are not detailed enough in order to be integrated because the final result will lose value.  

However, Glancing EYE stands out among our competitors because our efforts are focused on the loyalty of customers who are satisfied not only with our quality 3d models but also with our support service for professionals. 

As part of our commercial policy we have a credit system that has been specially developed for the B2B collective. It gives the opportunity to get unique pieces for less than 1€ / unit.

In this way, a good value for money is guaranteed in all our 3D products. If our clients continue trusting us, it is precisely because we take care of their needs individually; as well as we are always providing new items in order they can vary the style of each project.

If you need to download 3D models without restrictions, check our packs. We have different subscriptions for all company sizes.

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