We Will Be at the Barcelona Meeting Point

From the next 16th to 19th October, the Barcelona Meeting Point will take place in the city of the same name, and Glancing EYE will be happy to assist and present its B2B service line

The event of Barcelona Meeting Point had its beginnings since 1997. Therefore, this year celebrates its 23rd edition. It is a space where the most important real estate companies in Spain converge.

The organizing committee belongs to El Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona. The event is celebrated in autumn, being the right time for professionals and the general public, to get up to date with the latest trends and innovations that are being developed for the real estate industry.

Similarly, it is the ideal place to exchange criteria, dialogue and seek collective solutions to the main problems and needs that are present in the sector.



What are the main activities that take place at the Barcelona Meeting Point?

The Barcelona Meeting Point is organized in three well-defined parts. On the one hand there is the Professional Hall, on the other, the International Symposium and the Great Public Hall. In addition, there is a space intended solely for the presentation of innovative solutions, by startups in the real estate sector.

In its different rooms there are exhibitions and presentations on current and innovative topics related to this professional field. And different businesses are specified, such as: rents or purchases of habitual homes or second residence, spaces destined for storage parking, as well as different premises that serve as warehouses, offices or physical stores.

Similarly, the Barcelona Meeting Point is considered the first real estate accelerator event in the country, as it provides the necessary mechanisms to discover, enhance or create market opportunities. Therefore, this common space allows companies to internationalize their products or services, as well as seek the necessary financing, and increase professional exchange between companies.




Why do so many professionals attend this event?

For professionals it is an effective way to establish direct contact with a group of initiatives that are benchmarks in the sector, discover better business opportunities, find investment capital and catch up on current trends in the real estate industry.

Likewise, for the final buyer this event has a great relevance because it can have access to a greater amount of real estate products or services. Usually it is destined for its private use or for business, which include: houses of different types and for varied purposes, commercial premises , industrial buildings, solar or offices. These stores can be bought or rented, as the case may be.


What profiles go to the Barcelona Meeting Point?

The event receives a figure of more than 16,800 visitors. Of these 3,799 are considered professionals of the real estate industry. And 70% of this type of visitors are responsible for some position or have decision-making power in the companies to which they provide their services.

Thus, the event brings together general directors and business partners, different real estate agents, CEOs and presidents, investors, department heads, lawyers specialized in the sector, different architects, designers, civil engineers and other professionals of the branch; as well as people who hold institutional positions.


Glancing EYE in BMP

Given the importance of the appointment, our organization wanted to be in this magnificent showcase to show our line of specific Real Estate services and companies in the furniture sector.

Our Interior Design department provides effective solutions to real estate initiatives, such as the use of Virtual Reality to present its properties or the use of 3D Animations to improve its exhibition capacity in interventions related to the distribution of spaces on a plane.

Furthermore, we model any furniture reference, a service which is more and more demanded by companies who sell and manufacture furniture when  they need to create  their virtual catalogus.

In summary,we can say that the Barcelona Meeting Point is a space where both professionals and the most representative figures of the real estate sector come together. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity for all types of companies or individuals who wish to update themselves on the trends of the sector or to acquire high-value professional contacts.


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