“It is so tough!” How many times have you heard these words speaking with someone who is in the process of refreshing a space?


People got used to the old, time-tested things because they know how they work. And often something new can totally frustrate them and turn back to crusted working methods and spend a lot of time on the things that could be done much faster with 3D.

If you have never thought about design, let’s clear up the process. Usually customer goes to a furniture store and buys all things that he likes, brings to his house and sets them up. But the problem is that they may not match well.

Or you can call a designer. He spends some time on drawing your ideas on paper or on a computer and if you like it then the process begins. He measures the sizes, brings large catalogs with decoration and material. Though it is not clear how customer’s choice will look at the end and how certain elements will harmonize in the room. But both these ways are in the past! Now you can develop your own project just in a few clicks, because design becomes modernized and applies lots of new technologies.


Why is this method better?


If you work with designer, all he can do is to show some flat pictures in a program. But they are on a very primitive level and do not display everything. For example, colors are simply superimposed on items and don’t reveal the texture itself. And these aspects makes them look archaic and old-fashioned.

3D technology eases the whole process of redesigning home, making it more acceptable, interesting and fun. You just have to take a couple of photos of your space and upload them on the website. Then you get new design of particularly your flat or house. Besides, this is much cheaper than to hire someone.



We design your space in 3D: the best way to make a perfect home.

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