We are experts in 3D Modelling on Demand

 We work closely with designers and manufacturers who already trust us to understand better their requirements and achieve tailored results. 


Designers and manufacturers of products are increasingly relying on the use of realistic 3D models to analyse their creations from a functional point of view as well as to provide themselves with promotional resources at low cost. In Glancing EYE, as a company specialized in 3D Modelling on demand of furniture and any product in general, we take charge of generating quality replicas for our clients, without mattering the volume of their project. 

Starting from a 2d image or a sketch, our 3D artists can shape any concept by approaching its aesthetics and functionality from an expert perspective.


Furniture 3D Modelling Studio

Our team of 3D artists is up to date on the latest trends in design and modelling. On the other hand, we work closely with designers and manufacturers who already trust us to understand better their requirements and achieve tailored results. 

However, we do not like to limit our scope of specialization; we are experts in creating 3D models of:

  • Home Furnishing: we are aesthetically demanding, we emphasize functionality. Each project requires different skills, which include space management and a vision of basic ergonomics.
  • Corporate furniture: The most important factor that we will consider here is the management of space and the level of comfort. Our designers can create highly usable ergonomic designs.
  • Industrial furniture: Most of the time, industrial furniture is a permanent accessory related to utility, convenience, and robustness. Designing this type of resources requires a close interaction with designers and production managers.
  • Storage furniture: With the current limitations of domestic space, this category of furniture is being more used. Our designers understand the importance of utility and take care to generate usability within the minimum space.
  • Recreational and relaxation furniture: A new area which has originality often gains the first place.  Our 3D artists interact with designers to support their creative concepts and assist them during the prototyping phase. 


3D Modelling of products

We are also experts in creating 3D models on demand for other sectors, ranging from industrial to automotive. Our clients, through the implementation of this service, expect to reinforce their planning capacity in the earliest stages of production, as well as having their catalogue in 3D to launch a more effective advertising and lower maintenance costs through 3D Modelling and 3D Printing of substitute parts.

In relation to the latter, 3D Printing has meant a revolution in the production of adapted parts. Therefore, our role in this new era is to act as a 3D Modelling partner on demand for companies willing to adapt their production system to the advantages of Industry 4.0.

In the promotional field, the main advantages of using 3D models instead of photography are the following:

  • The scale of the product, especially when we talk about objects that are too large or too small. This adds an extra complexity to photography
  • A 3D object can be viewed from all possible perspectives and can be integrated into photo montages.
  • You have the total control of the product’s finishes, its textures, lighting and brightness, etc.


Our Work Process

  1. To analyse the scope of the project.
  2. To specify times, resources and prices.
  3.  To assign the project: the project manager establishes a team and resources.
  4. To establish all concepts: clients send sketches or reference photos to understand the concept.
  5. To create a 3D Model: Our team of 3d artists converts 2D material into detailed 3D models.
  6. Texturing and lighting: Texture and colour are added and light properties are defined.
  7. Shared drafts: We share the results with clients and collect their feedback.
  8. Final editions: We make changes according to the client’s suggestions, we clean the model and we put it through an exhaustive quality control.
  9. Final render: Rendering and generation of an accurate 3D object
  10. Final delivery: Using the customer’s preferred method


Differences from our competition

Some benefits of our 3D Modelling service on demand are:

  • Custom Design and Development: Our team makes sure to collect relevant information about the project, including images and pencil sketches. These resources are converted into 3D objects based on the requirements of our clients.
  • Profitability: Our flexible pricing structure is designed to arrange multiple budget requirements.
  • Attention to detail: The goal setting phase is very important in our process and we invest the time necessary to fully understand the smallest details of the project. Each Glancing EYE intervention is managed by a Project Manager who supervises the entire operation and acts as a mediator between the client and the central technical team.
  • Strict adherence to quality: The highly experienced 3D modellers of our team ensure that all models have a natural and unique appearance. On the other hand, our quality experts take care of approving each piece.
  • Global reach: We can undertake 3D product modelling outsourcing projects around the world for various industries and apply expansion policies if the need arises.
  • Security: Regarding the security and privacy of our clients’ data, our administrative staff is aware of the current regulations and understands the importance of information security. Similarly, the security of the data associated with each project is equally important to us, according to our business policy. Therefore, we make sure to safeguard and make copies of the project files using security firewalls.
  • Contemporary software and technologies: Our team is specialised in the use of the most reputable industry IT solutions, such as AutoCAD, Autodesk,3DS Max, Sketch Up, SketchUp Autodesk, Revit Autodesk Revit.


Basically, our business philosophy focuses on offering high-quality 3D Modelling services on demand adapted to each budget. Get more information about our specialties. 

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