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3D technologies make all the process of redesigning your home easier than ever, as well as comfortable and interesting. You only need to take some photos of your space and send them to us. After that, you will get your new customized design where you can see how would look your home with your favourite style.

3D designs are as realist as you will think that someone has changed your room and took some photos to show you. Furthermore, if you like it, we can help you to buy all the items and products used in your design. So, besides being more affordable, it is also more useful. In conclusion, the best way to create your perfect home is by designing your space in 3D.


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WHY 360?

Nowadays, 360 panoramic photos and views are usual resources in photography as they let you see and catch every detail that is located around the central axis – from where the pic is taken. For this reason, in our company we wanted to go further and apply these panoramic views in interior/exterior design. 360º designs are very useful when you need to decide what to do with your space, as you can discover all the corners and see in a clear way how would look each element.

This accurate visualization will be your best help to make your mind up. Furthermore, the designing process is the same as 3D one, you only need to send us photos and our 3d artists and designer’s team will do their best.

Virtual Reality

Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality offers a huge range of innovate options, you can walk and move around your future home, change furniture types and colours, lighting, time (day/night), etc. And all this is in real time just like in a videogame. By interacting with it will help you to see which elements satisfy your needs meanwhile you are visiting your new virtual home already redesigned.

Furthermore, VR headset which is mostly used in gaming industry can also be used to see your design and to perceive virtual things as real.

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