Thanks to the 3D design, it is possible to guide your buyers through a virtual tour as if they were there

Virtual Reality (VR), home staging, 3D modelling… the estate agency sector started to use virtual visualization technologies some time ago. And since then, it is easier and cheaper to show houses.  

According to Miguel Teus Balta, the founding member of the estate agency MTB Gestión Inmobiliaria: “those estate agencies, individuals or sellers who can provide alternative technologies to show their offers will enjoy a competitive advantage over the other ones.”

“The first and most obvious advantage of these technologies” he adds; “is the fact that you can omit the physical distance”.

Thanks to the 3D design, it is possible to guide your buyers through a virtual tour as if they were there. This technology, with the help of a smartphone and VR glasses, allows them to have the feeling of being inside the room. They can see any angle or perspective just by moving their head.

On the other side, 360º views have become an essential tool for the estate agency sector. These panoramic views give them an advantage to commercialise promotions not only within their sector but also in other areas like domestic renovations or interior design.

Virtual Reality as the Cornerstone of the Sales Strategy

Sometimes, selling a house is a difficult and hard task. For this reason, you need to be up-to-date on all the techniques and sources provided by the market.  Until recently, the commercial process has been supported by photos and videos. But nowadays, the 3D products are on top of sales.

Thus, this commercial variant to sell both interior and exterior means to prepare and decorate the house in the most attractive way for the public, by using high quality 3D models to provide greater details.


Glancing EYE is very conscious of the current needs in the estate agency sector. That is the reason why we offer full solutions to digital problems – through our 3D design service optimised for VR.

Our team is focused on customising the space on sale and it provides a virtual representation in detail based on the clients preferences. In this way, they can see a probable distribution of furniture, different floor types or wall colours.

Costs Reduction

Apart from a higher sales rate, one of the most obvious advantages of having a portfolio with virtual designs is the possibility of getting more clients without inverting time and money. As these last do not always come back in the shape of benefits.

For example, if a buyer is interested on an apartment with specific interior features, by using virtual reality, or VR, it is possible to locate him inside the house and there is no need to go there. Finally, if he is satisfied with the 3D tour, the sales agent can make a real visit with greater guarantees and having the positive predisposition of the client.

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