Let’s find out how and when did Pop Art style appear


Pop art style appeared in the 50-60s of the 20th century. It was created as opposite of abstract expressionism and quickly found support among young people and the older generation.

This direction is characterized by boldness and bright colors. It can be said with no exaggeration that the period of pop art emergence is an uprising against traditions and rules. Also, Pop art was considered by critics as the method of advertising, tasteless and vulgar trend.


Pop Art style

Pop Art style decoration


Main features of the style


Pop art in the interior has following characteristics:

  • Bright, saturated, acidic and contrasting colors. The most incredible combinations of tones, a duo of black and white are used.
  • There are posters, portraits of stars, comics. Images find their place not only on walls, but also on beds, household items, decor.
  • The space is created with the help of neon light, LEDs, bright lamps.
  • Furniture is used with the principle of minimalism. The rooms are equipped with built-in wardrobes, pull-out beds, etc.
  • Finishing materials often have a shiny, glossy surface. Among fabrics silk or synthetic are used. The decor can consist of rhinestones, disco balls and LEDs.


Is this style popular today and who prefers it?


It can’t be said that pop art in the interior is one of the most popular trends to date. However, designers receive orders for its implementation and most often in urban apartments.

The direction is interesting for young people and creative individuals which go beyond stereotypes and patterns imposed by society. It is an opportunity to express the freedom of one’s thoughts, actions and independence from public opinion.


Dining room Pop ART style

Feeling the colours


Since pop art provides bright colors and decor, posters, it’s liked by children. However, arranging a kid’s room you need to consider the temperament of your child:

  • Kaleidoscope of colors can cause increased activity and even irritability in children with choleric temperament.
  • Pop art environment can overload the psychological state of phlegmatic and melancholic persons.

The same nuances should be considered by adults. But children feel more strong connection between the situation and the emotional state. You can read more about how to choose colours.

If you understood that pop art is exactly what you want, the style will contribute to a positive mood, inspiration, creativity and self-realization.



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