In modern world a man is surrounded by different trends; fashion clothes, cars, luxuries. That is why we always try to stay in trend and do not miss a thing, buy new stuff and accessories. And regarding home interior and exterior design, it is the same.

Sometimes designers come up with absolutely crazy ideas. Such extreme decisions create fashion, and they cost a lot – that means not everyone can afford it. But there is a way out, for instance, you can do it yourself. You can turn on your creativity and make up your own and unique design, which will be much cheaper than designer’s services. Moreover, fashion is constantly changing and it is difficult to keep an eye on it. So let’s discuss some modern trends, which will remain for a long time.


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Trends which will continue 

Regarding color, one of the most popular is green. It can be bright green, dark or any other shade. Mostly it is used as furniture paint, like wardrobes, cupboards, tables. But it will look great on walls too, because it has natural, calm, relaxing features which create positive atmosphere.

Another popular element is wood, especially on the kitchen. Some years ago designers tried to mask wood elements with metal colors, but today it has changed. People try to keep it natural and ecofriendly, thus using old kitchen furniture or woody installations.

And the last point but not the least is wallpaper or furniture prints. It is popular and trendy both to keep a standard one color print everywhere and to mix patterns. Such technique creates a unique atmosphere, because you can use stripes, geometric figures, combining it with different colour and making kind of classic-futuristic look.

Do not forget it! 

Remember that the main task – is to create a harmony inside your space. It means that every single thing in your home should match the other one, complement it and make up the general atmosphere.

Inspiration can be found in a variety of things and you don’t have to be a professional designer to get fabulous results or make an excellent home interior or exterior.

In these cases, people who try themselves at design for the first time may find it difficult. Especially, when you cannot see how your ideas will look in the end and whether there will be a harmony or not.

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But now this is not a problem anymore, when you have ideas, we are here to help you. We offer you a wide range of services: 3d modelling and virtual reality, designing a space in 3D and a large catalogue of furniture. Our artists create a 3D model and you can add or remove things, try different ideas or variations. It gives an excellent chance to apply interior design trends in your home without spending a lot of money. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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