Interior Decoration: More than Choosing Curtains

One of the main objectives in this profession is to improve the spaces of clients


Although cinema and television have stereotyped the work (and genders) of this group, people who work in Interior Decoration have responsibilities beyond choosing curtains. In fact, as professionals we must develop some qualities that allow us to be up to new trends, as well as satisfying the most varied tastes and achieving the expectations  in our work.


Interior Decoration: main activities 


Before describing the activities related to Interior Decoration, it is necessary to clarify that one of the main objectives in this profession is to improve spaces, for private clients, professionals or commercial establishments. And it is based on highly accepted criteria regarding aesthetics and functionality.

For working as interior decorator, you should have a wide knowledge regarding artistic and technical aspects which allows you to develop the following steps with quality and precision:

  • Creating sketches that express ideas clearly, without many technicalities or ambiguities.
  • Using correctly different computer applications for managing interior design projects.
  • Identifying aspects related to art, such as styles, names of authors and different works of classic and current designers.
  • Recognizing original pieces of art, their time and the quality of their copies.
  • Valuating and rating objects like an assessor.
  • Identifying all materials which are used in objects and spaces.
  • Planning environments that harmoniously arrange elements from different periods.

In short, we can say that decorators must collect and know how to apply different knowledge that is closely related to shapes, volume, lights, colors and their combinations. At the same time, they should be experts in determining distinctive aspects and features about types of objects, pieces of furniture, and art in general.


Qualities of interior designers


The work of a designer is complex, although certain qualities help us in our tasks. However, maybe the most difficult part is to carry out the project according to the tastes, demands and budget of clients, as we cannot apply our personal preferences or influence the final result.

Furthermore, designers must be up-to-date with new trends in Interior Design as well as knowing its evolution over time. Then, we can apply deconstruction processes or reinterpretations which are well-founded.

In addition, 3D design came into play in the last years, so it is very important to control the latest programs for creating digitized environments. Through this kind of 3D resources, it is possible to connect with the customer before taking any significant (and irreversible) steps.

And finally, designers have a special instinct and personality to materialize the most daring compositions or those which are out of the ordinary. Although, as Billy Baldwin said, “nothing you really like is ever out of style”



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