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Stress, problems, work, hurry or other difficult situations surround us every day, and with time this is a normal situation.  The only place free of all is our sweet home and each of us wants stress to stay outside. However, to do it,  it is a must to create special calm atmosphere, some kind of a shield against it, which will make every moment you spend here full of enjoyment as well as enjoying your cozy home.

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There are a lot of tips how to make a cozy home, so let’s disclose what are the most crucial:

Pieces of Advice 

1. Mix up furniture. If you go to the studio and buy every single item, then your home will look like a store, even if it is stylish. So do not be afraid and experiment with different furniture, styles, colors or shapes.

2. More warm colors. It is a common fact that soft and neutral pastel colors positively influence on our mood. Especially, yellow, orange, creamy, brown, pastel pinks, navy blue and pale green, and in addition they are on trend nowadays. Such paint on walls or large furniture will make your space more calm and attractive. You can read more about how to choose colors and the colors psychology by clicking.

3. Arrange your furniture as you want it to be. Remember that the mood of the house also depends on the arrangement of the elements. To prevent a room from a cluttered look remember that sometimes less is more. Think over where you want to put down sofa, bed or chairs and feel free to replace it when you want to.

4. Soft lighting. Your work place should be well lightened, but it is not necessary for all rooms to be too bright. So use soft light in a relax zone or bedroom to create a special feel around it.

5. Mix styles. Do not be afraid to add some vintage elements into a modern style interior. Such accessories will make the whole picture more interesting, unique and prevent it from a “storey” look.

6. Use various textures and fabric. Sometimes even such small details can play an important role, so keep this piece of advice in mind. For instance, sophisticated stripes, modern moiré, bauhaus prints are extremely popular in 2017.


Living Room Decoration

We help you with the process

Combining all these things will help you to create your sweet home, the home of your dreams. Furthermore, modern technologies allow you to do it in a couple clicks, even if you are not a designer. At Glancin EYE, we can create a virtual model of your place including all ideas and elements you want to see there. And all you have to do is to take photos of a room. Then our artists transpose it in 3D and you are ready to modify it.


Do not wait anymore, create your design in 3D in a easy and fast way and get your cozy home.

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