What interior colours are on trend?


Have you ever experienced a strange feeling of stress, anxiety, relaxation or calm when enter a home or a flat? If the answer is “Yes!” then you will find a lot of interesting in this article to know what colours you should use in your home.

The secret of such situations hides in colour psychology. In simple words, this is a science which discovers main features of different colours, how they effect on people’s mind, mood, thoughts, health, and teaches the basic rules or combining colours.

how to choose colors

Some calm colours are better for bedrooms, others are better for office, because they help to concentrate. So let’s disclose what interior colours are on trend and how they affect people.


Colours on trend


1. Navy blue – is an alternative to black, but it doesn’t make your space look small, too “sharp” or depressive. Besides, it perfectly matches to almost every colour scheme, making it easy to combine with other paint. As for the features, people consider it to be a creative and relaxing colour. It also helps to concentrate and reduces stress level.

2. Pale pink – is sensitive, lovely and sensual colour. It is associated with women’s being, but it has features that helps to relax and positively affects health. Besides, pale pink is extremely trendy and such furniture elements look stylish and soft, especially in tandem with white colour.

3. Nude (pale yellow, orange and brown) – these colours can be described as bright but calm, fresh and warm, cheerful and happy. Furniture elements of these hues are often used in offices or home work zones. For instance, natural wood colours influences on workflow, makes us more creative, happy and prevents from stress situations. It is especially trendy to combine wood furniture with minimalistic interior, pale blue, green, grey walls or floor.

Choose colors for living room

4. Green – whether it is dark, pale or bright green it is the most popular colour of 2017. Speaking about its features, green is considered to be natural and well balanced. As this colour is both relaxing and stimulating to work, it can be used all around the house.


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