How to Carry Out a Professional Planning to Decorate your Home

In Glancing EYE we create a virtual representation of the room that you want to remodel, based on some photos and your style preferences


When it is time to change your interior decoration, it is very common to consider hundreds of possibilities without making a final choice. In this sense,
by anticipating all changes with the help of assisted interior decoration, creativity can flow and convert your doubts into specific actions to improve the distribution –and appearance- of you home. And you can do all this before moving any furniture. It is very professional, don’t you think so?

However, before introducing you to the wonderful universe of interior decoration in 3D, let’s take a look at the phases of your master plan.

Don’t Forget to Plan your Interior Design

Well, you can always say: “I will see”. But we recommend you to follow strictly the next sequence so as to be successful, no matter what..

1.  Decide your purposes

An important step is to identify what essential changes need to be made in your home in order to look great and be more functional. You will have to consider the required equipment, labour, materials and all type of furniture or household appliances which will be part of your new plan.

2.  Establish a budget

Before starting to remodel your house, it is vital to define the amount of money that you can allocate to this project, because your possibilities will depend greatly on the available balance and the financial capacity.

If your budget does not allow you to materialise some of the improvements that you have in mind, do not worry, there are always other alternative options.

3.  Delegate all those tasks that you cannot do

It is necessary to think properly about what tasks you can take charge of, such as painting the walls of the house. However, there are other impossible tasks that you should delegate to real professionals, especially masonry, electrical assembly and plumbing.

4.  Let’s be honest

One of the most common mistakes, according to the professionals, is to attempt to do too many things. So trust your criteria and change only what you can change.



Interior Decoration

Planing was never that easy

Do not assume. Check your New Home Style with the Help of Assisted Interior Decoration

If you have already defined your specific needs and your budget, as well as you made sure to set out a practical work calendar, now comes the good part; the decoration process.

Any action, like installing a new kitchen, changing you bedroom furniture or choosing a new colour for the walls is difficult to plan without an innovative digital tool.

Imagine you order a sofa but finally it does not match well with the distribution you have planned, or maybe when you took measures you made a mistake and now you can not fit the kitchen furniture. Both are usual problems that may arise when you trust the pen and the notebook..

Luckily for you, in Glancing EYE we create a virtual representation of the room that you want to remodel, based on some photos and your style preferences. Furthermore, if you like a particular piece of furniture that we used in your interior design, you will also have the option to buy it.

In this way, without having any technological specialization designing, you will be able to work like an expert. By working elbow to elbow with our designers. You can prevent the common problems of designing spaces.

Start your project now, it will be sure that you will get a professional result with a little of help of our 3D Interior Design service.

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