Choose between thousands of 3D models in different styles


The use of 3D furniture from specialized libraries seems to be the solution for many professionals and companies like yours, who need to visualise the result of their designs in advance

This way to provide material in order to include it in your virtual environments has many associated advantages. Perhaps the most important of them is that you will increase your compositional repository.

The possibility of counting on a stock of models to support your designs and be more in line with your client’s taste is very attractive. And it could be an external solution to your problems regarding the variety of 3D resources.

Thus, the big interior design studios, architecture studios and an increasing number of estate agencies set aside a part of their budget for getting 3D pieces, textures and all type of elements to create their renders.

However, as some of our clients confess, getting independent items is not always affordable. Furthermore, there are lots of sets which can be found abundantly in the market, but these are not very profitable investments if we have in mind that many of them will be not used in the end.


¿What ake us different from the competitors?


Choose between hundreds of 3D models in different styles, and you will get closer to your client’s tastes being able to include some pieces that they prefer.

Now you can create ultra-detailed works based on accurately sized items which are equivalent to the real ones. By including them in any type of visual production, you will get a professional result in your proposals.

Apart from our personalized services and the great variety of models in our 3D Stock, the key element which distinguishes our products is their quality.

The 3D artists of Glancing EYE are qualified professionals who apply the most innovative techniques in all their projects. Moreover, all the articles included in our stock meet the requirements such as optimising the items geometry or cleaning topologies.

In addition, if you are interested on modelling any particular piece, our team can create a quality 3D furniture for you based on your photographic material or your references from any catalogue.



It does not matter how many needs you have, trust us to provide you with 3D furniture. We have different Packs for freelancers and companies of any size.

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