From the Test Tube to the Store: 3D Modelling of Products

Thanks to 3D modelling you can get prototypes from a small investment


One of the great advantages offered by new technologies in the field of 3D design is the possibility of both creating and modifying any element of your portfolio before starting the production phase. In this sense, opting for 3D modelling of products means to establishthe perfect test bench, a resource that many furniture and decoration designers take advantage of it.

The main advantages associated with this planning approach are cost savings. But also the fact of obtaining prior valuable data that can be used during the promotional process. In this way you can ensure your success in a market which is saturated with good proposals.

Before creating any product, manufacturers need to perform a large number of tests to obtain an image of the characteristics of this product. These are called prototypes and until recently, they were made physically, that means to invest a lot of time and economic resources.


3D Modelling of products: a new way to get prototypes


The new tools of 3D modelling make possible to generate 3D prototypes, that is, virtual designs of products that can be integrated into commercial furniture infographics, for example. Soit is possible to investigate its acceptance by the public, even before having produced a first physical model.

Naturally, the benefits of this work approach are very numerous, and go beyond the economic and resource savings, in order to become the central stone of the sales department planning. As well as being the first data record to consult before starting the marketing activities.


3D Sectional FabricaSofas Niza

3D Model Sectional Sofa


From the physical store to the digital store

Another important use of 3D models is taking place in the digital market environment. Not surprisingly, the big furniture retailers (with Ikea in the lead), have chosen to virtualize their catalogues and allow users to frame each item for sale in different scenes. And all this can be done easily from a mobile or web application.

In this way, the need for these types of resources is also growing between the more modest furniture stores who have already begun their digitalization process. Especially if directors have understood the value of this commercial strategy.



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