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Start your 3D catalogue and improve the commercial experience of your clients

Given the continuous development of 3D visualization technologies, many furniture manufacturers and other companies who sell their products in catalogues chose the 3D modelling on demand to attract their clients with realistic representations of their style.

Therefore, 3D Modelling on demand plays an essential role when developing these virtual portfolios. And companies like us took on the challenge to copy the 2D material provided and make a 3D version; no matter how many details or how difficult is the request.


Commercial trends: 3D modelling of items and virtual spaces.

This new commercial trend has influenced especially furniture and decoration sector. The public is no longer satisfied with seeing a single piece of furniture in a catalogue. And when they refer the matter to an interior design studio, they do not give complete freedom to dismantle their house without checking visually the new possibilities. But they ask for a 3D composition as close as possible to their tastes.


Sofá Viena



Regarding the furniture and decoration trade, especially within the B2B sector, manufacturers make use of models which can be included on their promotional visualizations or inside an interactive environment, like a web room.

Retailers, for their part, it does not matter whether their providers works with 3D or not, also order models for their ecommerce. Furthermore, it is very useful if they have a physical store. In this case, it is very easy to show to clients how would look their future furniture already placed in their home (digitally speaking).


What will the future bring us?

According to a study made by the Walker Sands company, more than 60% of consumers are ready to adapt themselves to the new technologies; if it helps them to make better decisions.

Innovation is one of the mainstays that support the development of a company or a sector. But it is necessary to instruct customers and show them the advantages of using a new commercial system. However, knowing that people like new things and having in mind the close relationship between new generations and technologies, investing in 3D modelling to materialise a product is a step forward in this regard.


Glancing EYE make things easy for you

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need to bring the digitalization of your products into focus.

Our team of 3D artists is specialised in modelling all types of interior and exterior articles. We can create a 3D model in detail, based on your references, which can be included in your virtual catalogue.

Contact us to know more information about our service of 3D modelling on demand.

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