You can avoid risks in your next decorative project if you leave it in professional hands


It is true, variety helps a lot, but how many headaches we have when we need to choose the most convenient furniture for our home? However, now you can design your space in a virtual and assisted way to explore your different alternatives; before doing any changes in the real world – where mistakes are paid dearly.


We design your space


The possibilities of 3D visualization had an impact on the interior design sector up to the point that some professionals cannot see their work as a probabilistic activity. Instead, they order virtual interior designs prior to any intervention.

In this virtual design, they can apply their ideas and ask for modifications to adapt design to their client’s demands.

In the same way, this type of professional solutions is accessible to all. People like you who are interested on decorating but knowing their plan.


I am short of ideas


Glancing EYE to the rescue! Even though you do not work in interior design, you can avoid risks in your next decorative project if you leave it in professional hands. Our high qualified designers create a 3D composition with their experience and by following your indications. Likewise, they can offer you proposals to improve the distribution of your spaces.  


3D Visualization Living Room

“You will have the chance to modify the result”


I don’t like in this way, it is better to change


Of course, when we talk about decoration, it is impossible to be right at the first attempt. Therefore, depending on the services that you hire, you will have the chance to modify the result. You will be able to make some contributions, which will help you to get closer to what you are looking for.

I prefer another sofa, a bigger one. “I have always wanted to have a fireplace”, so ask for one. Do I use a bunk bed in the boy’s room? Or would it be better to put a truckle bed? Your imagination can abandon you; that is the reason why you should profit the advantages of previewing before starting an impossible project.


Cold mind!


Some people keep things clearer than others. If you decided your furniture but you do not know how to include all the elements in your space; you can order a 3D visualization with the same dimensions and your favourite style. In this way, after seeing how looks all together, your suspicions will be confirmed, you have what it takes to be an interior designer.



Do you have any question? Contact us and ask for whatever you need. Our experts will be glad to help you to design your space and materialize your ideas.

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