Advantages of Working with 3D Furniture Models

The use of 3D furniture models has lot of advantages, up to the point that very few furniture designers can develop his work without using this invaluable resource


Every furniture designer starts by expressing his ideas in sketches. But long before that these initial actions become a finished product, it is necessary to go through some preliminary stages. In this sense, the technological advances typical of a digital era allow us now to simplify and optimise our work by using 3D furniture models with tools which are designed to assist the creative process.

However, what is the main value of this resource for furniture design? Well, regardless of the size or features of the project, 3D Modelling allows you to visualise, correct and test different options in record time, and in a more efficient way.


Creative process: advantages of using 3D furniture models


First of all, the 3D modelling process begins when a designer makes his first two-dimensional sketches on paper or directly on his computer. Then, these sketches are represented as vectors with the help of programs such as AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Blender, Sketchup or Autodesk Maya.

From this point, you can explore different aspects of the original design easily and intuitively. In the same way, it is possible to make adjustments regarding ergonomic, size, material or colour, among many others. In addition, you can show the designed furniture in different environments and lighting to know how they look in distinct situations.

On the other hand, the compositional material can be used when manufacturing and commercialising the product, because this is useful as informative and descriptive material not only for engineers and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technicians, but also for possible customers.

Furthermore, the final 3D model can be used for commercial videos, advertising images in 3D, virtual reality presentations and even as a permanent sample. What turns this resource into the most suitable way to exhibit products.

In summary, the use of 3D models when designing, manufacturing, promoting, adjusting and selling furniture is interesting for the following reasons:
  • Helps to remove errors and make changes in less time.
  • Makes possible to adjust designs to the special requirements and characteristics of the customer, which allows you to include his preferences from the design phase.
  • Accepts to do innovations and experiments that, if you would use another way, they be very expensive.
  • Facilitates the communication between designers, manufacturers and buyers.
  • Releases our imagination without technical and budgetary limitations.
  • Can be used to make mock-ups or prototypes in 3D prints.
  • Allows you to evaluate, in a more realistic way, the production costs.
  • Is an impressive and effective marketing tool.

Therefore, as you can see, the use of 3D furniture models has lot of advantages, up to the point that very few furniture designers can develop his work without using this invaluable resource.



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