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3D Render: Say Goodbye to Paper Furniture Catalogues

3D Render images are the most economical and effective solution for furniture advertising projects


3D Rendering is a technique which greatly helps to engineers, architects and designers in their works. This allows them to make hyper-realistic visualizations of spaces or products in order to facilitate their commercialization. In short, the 3D render is a digital image that gives you the chance to recreate, in a realistic way, objects or furniture within any scene or virtual space.

This photorealistic method has many advantages. For example, it is possible to get a recreation of any type of furniture inside specific space but without the need of transporting them. All can be integrated perfectly, with the ideal environment, and decorated in order to highlight the product.


3D Render advantages


Nowadays, in the furniture industry, renders are essential to develop catalogues which can offer clear images of the variety of products to clients; by showing all in detail textures, materials, colours and sizes. As well as using an attractive presentation in different spaces.  

This technique offers another advantage for the furniture industry. When creating a quality marketing of furniture, money and time can be saved as it is not necessary to  create real scenarios to show furniture, neither rent a space nor transport anything.

Likewise, with the help of this digital tool, it is possible to show a product even before manufacturing it. In this way, clients can order it on demand; therefore the company only needs to produce a particular stock and can save storage costs too.

In addition, digital visualisation of all kinds of furniture with unlimited types of materials, colours, dimensions and scenes, represent a huge advantage for developing a marketing project. Creating sales scenes, or luxury places as well as open concept spaces or any other space, can be done without including extra costs.

Currently, computer graphics are the most used ones by furniture manufacturers to show their products in any scene. This causes a superior visual impact to clients that cannot be achieved when products are showed alone; as user cannot appreciate their beauty, usefulness nor how it complements the environment.

3D render images are the most economical and effective solution for furniture advertising projects, as they offer to public a creative and artistic catalogue with unlimited possibilities.



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