3D Models: We Know That Quality Matters

Diversity matters, however, quality is more important


Nowadays, there are many professionals who need high quality 3D Models to enrich their designs and commercialise their clients’ projects. Some sectors such as Housing, Interior Decoration and Furniture Sale already use this valued resource to their advantage.

Apart from the tools that you normally use as a professional, having a reference stock will allow you to increase variety in your works. Especially if you are constantly working on 3D designs with your clients.

It is true that diversity matters, however, quality is more important. That is the reason why we have the best 3D artists in Glancing EYE. Thanks to their qualification and daily effort, we can offer the best items which live up to your expectations in our 3D Stock. You can get a truly professional result by including objects with detailed reliefs and an accurate recreation of lighting.


High Quality 3D Models


Many of our clients confess that they have reached our platform after being a longtime searching, in some cases, on other sites which offer free references.

However, especially in the professional field, the quality and availability of work resources are two basic premises highly valued by designers.

From our side, as high quality 3D Models provider, we always try to cover both requirements, as well as providing diversity in the supply of items. Our team of 3D artists is responsible of modelling new references every month that immediately become part of our 3D Stock.


Do you know Glancing EYE Packs?


Regardless of the size of your project, in Glancing EYE we also think about those professionals who have high needs to download. That’s why we offer different Packs of Credits which give you access to high quality 3D Models paying less than € 1 for each product.

And do not worry about the security of your 3D material: you can re-download the items of your choice whenever you want, since they will be available on your profile during all the time you work with us.



If we do not have it, we design it


Our clients come to us with very specific needs that we are also proud to satisfy. Depending on the requirements of your clients, it is possible that they choose certain items, either they have seen them in a catalogue or you suggested them. So you need to have very particular objects to complete your works.  



In this case, contact us; we can create accurate and detailed 3D Models to surprise your clients with realism in your composition.

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