3D Models: Quality Matters

Nowadays, there are many professionals who need 3D models to enrich their designs and commercialise their clients’ projects. Some sectors such as housing, interior decoration and furniture sale already use this valued resource to their advantage.

Apart from the tools that you normally use as a professional, having a reference stock will allow you to increase variety in your works, especially if you are constantly working on 3D designs with your clients.

It is true that diversity matters, however, quality is more important. That is the reason why we have the best 3D artists in Glancing Eye. Thanks to their qualification and daily effort, we can offer items which live up to your expectations. You can get a truly professional result by including objects with detailed reliefs and an accurate recreation of lighting.


Do you know the Glancing EYE plans?

It does not matter your company size, Glancing Eye offers customised plans to satisfy all your specific needs. Our business philosophy is focused on the value of money and our different subscriptions are designed by having in mind your business scalability, in the medium term.


Facing the new challenges that arise in the way, 3D design professionals need to start or increase their own 3d models stock in order to offer more variety in their works. For this reason, in Glancing Eye you can get 12 monthly items by subscribing to our Freelancer pack for only 10€. Furthermore, to welcome you, we will give you 20 additional credits to use in our catalogue.


If your business is more like an individual or collective small design studio, in Glancing Eye we are also aware of your special needs. You already know that during this development stage, you can have new projects of different sizes each month, which will need a greater number of models.

Being so, our Designer plan offers you the possibility to download 25 products each month, for 20€ monthly payment. Furthermore, if you subscribe now to this plan, you will get 40 credits as a gift to buy more items.


Business is business. If you manage or work in a 3D design or architectural studio with a constant number of clients, we offer you the possibility of having 45 monthly models for 40€, by hiring our Studio plan.

And as the market is already quite hard, we give you 60 additional credits to spend in our stock.


If we do not have it, we design it

Our clients come to us with very specific needs that we are also proud to satisfy. Depending on the requirements of your clients, it is possible that they choose certain items, either they have seen them in a catalogue or you suggested them. So you need to have very particular objects to complete your works.  

In this case, contact us; we can create accurate and detailed 3D models to surprise your clients with realism in your composition.

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